GreenCircle CERTIFIED 

IRIS polypropylene containers are GreenCircle Certified Recyclable Materials. IRIS products are manufactured from polypropylene, a #5 plastic resin. #5 polypropylene is a recyclable material in many locations throughout the United States. The demand for post-consumer polypropylene continues to grow because many companies have made commitments to utilize recycled content in their products. Integrating post-consumer polypropylene helps companies meet goals for recycled content utilization and circular economy. Products that are damaged or are no longer able to be used for their intended purpose would be considered a post-consumer material.

IRIS products that are damaged or are at their end-of-use should be considered for recycling, rather than disposed of in a landfill. Most IRIS products are manufactured with polypropylene, which means they can be recycled at facilities with appropriate #5 plastic recycling capabilities in the U.S.

However, some restrictions to recycling this product may apply due to the location in which you live. Below are the steps you can take to make sure your plastic box or container is properly managed at its end-of-use.
If your container is damaged or can no longer be used for its intended purpose, there are options below to make sure your container is properly recycled.

If you have curbside recycling, call your waste hauler or municipality to see if #5 polypropylene plastics and large rigid plastic containers are accepted. Make sure to ask if you can put your container directly into your curbside recycling bin. If the answer is yes, put your container in your recycling bin for your waste hauler to collect along with your other recyclables.

If your container is not eligible for curbside recycling, go to the Earth911 website to search for drop-off recycling locations. Simply enter “#5 Rigid Plastics” and your zip code into the search bar to be directed to a list of recycling options in your area. If your container is in good condition, but you no longer have a use for it, there are options below to make sure your container is properly reused.

Consider an alternate use for your container in your own home.

Ask friends or family if they have a use for the container and give it directly to someone who could use it.

Consider donating the container to a thrift organization such as Goodwill or Salvation Army.

For most IRIS boxes and containers, the majority of the components are made with polypropylene or other plastic resins. This includes the box or container, handles, and latches. Some IRIS products have gaskets or wheels that are made from other plastic resins and may need to be removed from the container prior to recycling.