The IRIS Commitment to Sustainability

The IRIS group have continually strived to add value to people’s everyday lives based on the concept of “Comfortable Living.” Hereafter, we will continue our mission to create a structure that solves a variety of societal issues, with a focus on development of energy-saving products and creating a world where not only our consumers but the entire world population can live with peace of mind.

Contributions to Society with the “User-In Concept”

The “User-In Concept,” is a philosophy that was passed down from our founder and current Chairman Kentaro Ohyama. It is our approach to manufacturing that aims to solve any dissatisfaction that people may have in their day-to-day lives. In fact, this concept is not only considered during the development of our products, but also identifies a path towards a society in which people can live comfortably, and strive to solve environmental and societal issues all together. We believe that continuing our business with this philosophy in mind will positively contribute to the Earth and society as a whole.

Contributions to Society while Adapting to Change

As working styles change and lifestyles diversify, the functions and values that consumers seek in home appliances and consumer goods change with them. More than ever, we need to match our values with that of our stakeholders and conduct business with a problem-solution mindset. In addition, the world as a whole is facing numerous issues involving: the environment, natural/man-made disasters, and human rights. The potential for these issues to have an even greater impact in the future is great, and the social responsibility that companies must uphold is becoming even more important.

Even in such an environment, we believe that we, as a comprehensive provider of many services ranging from development and manufacturing to sales and distribution, can directly address issues from various angles by consolidating the strengths of our group companies and stakeholders. Since our founding, we have always kept up with change, and we continue to take on new challenges to meet the needs of the times. We will continue to adapt to changing social and corporate challenges and contribute towards solving them.

Our story began at a small factory in a small town and has continually grown strongly alongside our users who support us. Today, this small factory has grown into a global company that operates both domestically and internationally, supported by many employees and stakeholders, yet, what remained unchanged throughout the years was our "User-In" philosophy.

All of our employees will continue to keep this philosophy in mind as we strive to be a company that innovates a comfortable and secure lifestyles to our consumers.

IRIS Group’s Approach to Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)


What are the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)?

In September of 2015, the United Nations selected a set of goals to aim for in all nations of the world, developed and still developing, to create a society that has achieved a balance between its societal, economic, and environmental aspects. These are the Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs). By the year 2030, we aim to set a societal framework in place across the world, to ensure people can live their lives as all people should; free from poverty or hunger, with access to clean water, hygienic facilities, education, and medical care, with freedom of speech, and free from persecution due to sexuality or gender identity. To that end, we have 17 goals in place, with a combined total of 169 more detailed targets to aim for.

*The following information is pulled from the Ministry of the Environments Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Usage Guide (Original Document).

The SDG Commitment

For the Environment

We take responsibility for our process from planning to manufacturing and sales, we identify environmental issues in our supply chain, i.e. our facilities and equipment, and throughout the entire company recommend and implement countermeasures for these issues. Through this initiative, we grow together in our progress towards realizing a prosperous global environment and fulfilling our obligation to society.

For the Products

We will create and maintain a quality management system founded on the concept of increasing our customer's satisfaction. With this idea in mind, we will provide customers with safe and secure high-quality service.
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For the Community

We will strive to become a company that supports the local community; through our business activities, we will help the community grow and flourish. We will contribute to the realization of a sustainable community at the local level by analyzing the problems facing that community, and organizing to create solutions.

For the People

We believe that for a company to grow, the development of its personnel is essential; through comprehensive training and careful evaluation and feedback, we will create an environment where all employees can work with pride and peace of mind. We aim to create an organization that gets the best from its members by providing them with the opportunities and resources for them to shine.
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