Re-Launching The 3.11 Project

Working toward the 20th Anniversary of the disaster, in remembrance of the day.

On the 11th anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake, IRIS Group is re-launching the "3.11 PROJECT." The project aims to solve the regional issues that remain and to provide economic initiatives in the Tohoku area of Japan. While many relief activities concluded with the 10 year anniversary of the disaster, the IRIS Group, headquartered in the Tohoku region, will continue to support and show our love for Tohoku and grow together.

A Message to the Future

"The environment surrounding the Tohoku region continues to change daily. Between the healing of the land, the industries, and the people, there are many aspects to this project. The reconstruction of the region is never-ending. We, the IRIS Group, will continue to be a company that supports the today, tomorrow, and future of the Tohoku region." Akihiro Ohyama, President of IRIS Ohyama, Inc.

New Initiatives

1. For the people who cherish the Tohoku region…

The IRIS Group will support those who were displaced from their hometown due to the earthquake, those who are working toward reconstruction, and all those who love the Tohoku region, so that Tohoku will continue to receive the support that it needs.

2. For the revitalization of the agriculture industry…

With the hope of revitalizing Tohoku agriculture, the IRIS Group is sourcing its rice from the farmlands in the disaster area, and turning it into packaged rice and rice cakes to send to market. We will continue to work towards the revival of Tohoku agriculture by maintaining a sustainable market structure.

3. For creation of an industrial base in the Tohoku region…

By establishing a new factory in the area affected by the disaster and engaging in increased business in the region, the IRIS Group will contribute to the revitalization of the local economy. In addition, we will support the local job market by focusing our recruitment in the Tohoku region.

~ The IRIS Group and the aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake ~

In the 10 years since the Great East Japan Earthquake, the IRIS Group has provided support to the affected communities. However, reconstruction is not yet complete, as there are many areas that are still in need of help.

The IRIS Group will continue to utilize our technology, knowledge, and network to aid in total reconstruction from every angle.