IRIS Ohyama’s Dome Shaped AI Thermal Camera Wins Nikkei Inc’s 2020

IRIS Ohyama’s Dome Shaped AI Thermal Camera Wins Nikkei Inc’s 2020
Excellent Products and Services Award Grand Prize
Our dome shaped AI thermal camera won Nikkei Inc.’s top prize at the award
ceremony for Excellent Products and Services held on February 1, 2021. President
and CEO Akihiro Ohyama attended the event to receive the award.
About the AI Thermal Camera
The AI thermal camera, which began sales April 20, 2020, was made as a
countermeasure to stop the spread of the novel Coronavirus. It provides a
contactless way to measure temperature with a high degree of accuracy, which
reduces in-facility infections and the mass spread of infections.
High Precision Thermography Measures Temperature Accurately
With traditional methods, a single thermometer is needed per person, but it
was essential to be able to accurately measure multiple people. With our AI
thermal camera, it can measure the temperature of those passing by from a
detached place, and within one second it will measure with an accuracy of
±0.9 degrees Fahrenheit.
Up to 20 People Can be Measured at the Same Time
The dome-type AI thermal camera is equipped with an AI algorithm that
allows it to instantly recognize faces and measure up to 20 people at the
same time, even in places and facilities where many people come and go. In
addition, because the camera focuses on the forehead of the person, it can
measure with a high degree of accuracy even when the person is holding a
hot drink or other beverage.