Holiday Season Gift Guide: Humidifier Edition

Love it or hate it, the Winter Season dry air arrives the same.

With the season of giving right around the corner, it’s time to start looking into items that are not only useful, but borderline essential: Humidifiers.

With so many different types of humidifiers saturating the market, we decided to summarize how a humidifier can change your holiday season from good to great!


Dry Air is more than just dry hands

Dry hands and lips just seems like a given every year between November to March... but seasonal dry air can actually have impacts on your health as well as your home. And it doesn't have to!

Dry air is more likely to cause dry air ways and sinuses. In worst case scenario, the environment can even aggravate asthma symptoms. Not good.

Not only that, a home with humidity level below 30% can experience increased wear on wooden home furniture and goods. The air dries out the natural moisture of the wood, reducing its overall lifespan.

Humidifier: How do they help?

So how does a machine that spits out mist help your home?

There are numerous ways a humidifier can positively impact your wellbeing, so we listed them out for you:

  • Reduce infections, and help relieve your cold.

Have you noticed how more people get sick during November? That’s because a dry air makes it easy for viruses and bacteria to travel, leaving you exposed to avoidable sickness.

But if you do get sick, don’t worry! A humidified environment can alleviate the symptoms of a cold or a stuffy nose, making the experience less dreadful.

  • Prevent cracking

Dry air is your lips and your hands’ worst enemy. If you have ever had cracked skin, you know how painful it can get. Moisturizers might help, but who would want to have slippery hands when you want to just relax in your home?

  • Improved sleep

Tossing and turning, no matter how much you try, sleeping with a stuffy nose or dry mouth can be a nightmare. Humidifiers can help reduce the dry air ailments, so that you can sleep faster, longer.

  • Increase life span of home décor

From house plants to your wooden coffee table, your home décor is also affected by the dry air of winter. Maintaining a good humidity level can help prolong the lifespan and reduce risk of damage!


How to maintain your humidifier

Humidifiers might be easy to operate, but that doesn’t mean that you can just leave it be. If the unit is not cleaned and maintained properly, it can spread mold and other unwanted dirt in your home. But don’t worry, it’s a lot easier than you think.

We tested numerous ways to keep a humidifier clean, and we found that the Humidifier cleaning ball from Protec (not sponsored!) worked great at keeping the system clean. Not only that, they are as easy as just dropping them in the water reservoir!


Perfect Gift

It’s simple, yet makes such a big impact.

Literally, just add water, push a button and... Voila! Your home is comfy throughout the year.

With the holiday season right around the corner, humidifiers are practical and beneficial, making it a perfect gift idea. And who says you can’t buy yourself a gift too!

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