Customers as the Driving Force of Innovation

A standard approach to R&D sees developers asked to seek out consumer' needs and dissatisfactions. However, at IRIS Ohyama, the company's developers act as the "voice of the consumer" in developing products that can resolve consumer dissatisfaction while they are using the products.

Founded in 1971 as a planning, manufacturing, and sales company focused on household goods, IRIS Ohyama uses this innovative "user-in" concept to develop a wide range of products, from AI-powered robotic cleaners to food products such as packaged rice, with the goal of making consumers' lives more prosperous.

In 2021, IRIS Ohyama established IRIS Robotics in collaboration with SoftBank Robotics to develop an AI-powered DX cleaning robot, Whizi IRIS edition, which can be also used as a promotional tool with digital signage among other options. And in line with its commitment to meeting consumer demands, the coronavirus pandemic prompted the company to launch AI thermal camera for non-contact temperature measurement. 

IRIS Ohyama's two main pillars are its B2C and B2B units. Its B2C operations focuses mainly on home appliance and household products, whilst its B2B wing offers LED lighting, interior solutions, robotic solutions, and more. The company's strong portfolio has enabled it to expand into the Chinese and Southeastern Asian market, having established group companies in Vietnam, Thailand, China, Korea and Taiwan. The company's expansion means it is always looking for high-technology companies to partner with. "We want to take our ideas all over the world and make everybody's lives more prosperous," says president, Akihiro Ohyama.