White Noise – Not Just for Sleeping

From fussy babies to insomniac adults, white noise has been known to benefit anyone with difficulty sleeping. If you constantly wake up through the night or have trouble falling asleep, white noise can help your body and brain relax and lull you into restorative, deep sleep. But why stop there? The soothing power of white noise can have positive benefits in your waking hours too.

 Here are a few ways you can benefit from white noise, even when you’re awake.

  • For meditation: White noise can help quiet your mind – the constant sound helps occupy your brain, without giving it something to focus on. You’ll experience deeper, distraction-free meditation.

  • For study: Roommate snoring? Drown that out with white noise. Not only does it mask disturbances such as a dripping faucet or noisy neighbors, it can also increase productivity and improve concentration.

  • For someone with ADHD: Encouraging results have been found in studies that link white noise to improving the attention and learning patterns of children with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. A 2010 study found that ADHD children exposed to white noise performed better on tests of memory than those who were not.

  • For privacy: A gentle wall of sound may offer you some protection in a shared space such as in the office, it can also absorb some of the noise from co-workers, ringing phones and slamming doors. It has also been linked to more productive employees who make fewer errors. In fact, white noise has been used in courtrooms for over fifteen years to keep sidebar discussions private. 

  • For a bedtime ritual: A warm shower, dimming the lights, then winding down with a calming sound can be a powerful indicator to your body that it’s almost time to sleep, especially if you make it a consistent habit. 

  • For travel: staying in a hotel can often mean loud neighbors and unfamiliar sounds keeping you up all night, or waking you entirely too early. White noise provides a barrier against unfamiliar noise, so you can relax, work, or sleep in peace.


There are many ways to create white noise, and they don’t have to be expensive. A white noise machine can promise a variety of soothing sounds, from rushing rivers to thunderstorms, but an electric fan delivers the same effect, with an added bonus of cooling the room! (Shop our best-selling line of WOOZOO fans here). There are also countless apps and YouTube videos that can be found for free, and are practical for white noise on-the-go