Maximizing Dorm Space

College is an exciting time to learn to be more independent. Since mom's no longer there cleaning up after you and you can't ask her where the towels are, it helps to be organized. Take this as an opportunity to create your own space and discover what works for you. 

You might be asking, "But... How do I get started?"

                                   "What do I need?"

Think about all the essential stuff you need first and make a list. Clothes, Toiletries, Food.. etc. Don't forget to consider your location, does it get really hot? cold? Maybe a WOOZOO fan might be essential if the average temperature is 86 degrees all the time.

Afterwards think about all the things you want to bring but be mindful of the limited space you will have. Smaller things like makeup will be easy to bring while a whole vanity... not so much. 

But there's a solution! You can get a small drawer to put on top of your desk like this one. 

You will notice that a lot of spots in your room will become a 2-1 spot like this study/vanity desk. While it's not a full vanity, you can make adjustments like this to fit into your dorm and not have to give up a certain lifestyle; and of course, these drawers are not limited to make-up. 

Link to small desk drawer:  Amazon


Maybe you've been told not to put anything under your bed growing up but you definitely want to utilize the space under your bed ESPECIALLY if it can be lofted. These drawers in the pictures are individual boxes that you can stack. So you can customize it to your liking. Not to mention the size differences. 

Link to small stacking drawer: Amazon
Link to medium stacking drawer: Amazon
Link to large stacking drawer: Amazon

You could also place this stackable shoe rack underneath the bed for a clean look and easy access. 

Link to shoe rack: Amazon

If your dorm doesn't have enough closet space or you have too many clothes that you just cant leave behind, there's a solution for that too.

Link to clothing rack: Amazon
Link to laundry hamper: Amazon
Link to black drawer: Amazon (because you got to have a snack drawer)
I personally would put coats on this rack so they're easier to grab on the go but the best thing about this clothing rack is that you can store other things on it too.
The bottom portion in this case is used to put the laundry basket with still room for detergent AND a yoga mat.
On top rests a blow dryer and a basket matching to the laundry hamper that holds all the toiletries. Plus the cute plant makes it more homey. 
Link to basket: Amazon
Establishing specific places for your stuff is key to keeping organized and being organized is great because you can always find what you need, it looks good and you won't be late for class looking for your textbook!