Deep Clean Your Home for Spring

Spring Cleaning Checklist


Spring is in the air, and that means open windows, fresh flowers, and spring breezes. After finally saying goodbye to long winter days, there’s no better time of year to give your home a deep cleaning than spring.

Conquer your spring cleaning with this room-by-room checklist that will have your home as sparkling and fresh as a springtime morning.

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Scrub bath/shower walls and fixtures.
Dispose of expired makeup.
Clean shower curtain.
Scrub trash can.
Organize cabinets and drawers.
Wash rugs.
Polish mirrors.
Clean walls and doors.
Replace toothbrushes.
Wash hairbrushes and makeup brushes.
Wash laundry basket.


Purge cabinets, dispose of expired foods.
Deep clean fridge and freezer, defrost if necessary.
Dust tops of cupboards and fridge.
Deep clean dishwasher and run an empty cycle.
Deep clean stove inside and out.
Deep clean small appliances: coffee maker, microwave, toaster oven.
Disinfect the sink and faucet.
Wipe down walls, cupboards, drawers, backsplash, light switches.
Clean out the junk drawer.
Organize shelves and drawers.
Scrub garbage cans.
Sweep and mop the floor, move large appliances if possible.

Living Room/Family Room

Clean lampshades.
Wash curtains.
Vacuum and wash vents.
Deep clean carpet or rugs.
Dust electronics and wipe screens clean.
Throw away old newspapers and magazines.
Dust books and decor.
Dust ceiling fans.
Clean baseboards.

Master Bedroom

Wash linens.
Dust ceiling fans.
Dust dresser and headboards.
Wash curtains and blinds.
Wash laundry basket.
Wipe down walls and doors.
Vacuum mattress.
Sort through clothes. Donate what you don’t wear.
Organize closet.
Clean out under the bed.
Clean carpet and rugs.
Organize drawers.
Throw out worn out socks and underwear.
Clean lamps and dusty lightbulbs.

Kids Rooms

Wash bedding.
Organize closet.
Sort through clothes. Donate anything the kids have outgrown or don’t like.
Organize toys. Toss broken toys and donated anything unused.
Sanitize toys and toy boxes.
Organize books. Remove torn and any the kids have outgrown.
Clean carpet and rugs.
Dust and wipe down all surfaces.

Laundry Room

Deep clean washing machine and dryer.
Wipe down all surfaces.
Organize cleaning products
Wipe down walls and doors.
Wash trash can.