IRIS OHYAMA Group Donates 6.15 Million Face Masks

PHOENIX, AZ (JANUARY XX, 2022) – IRIS Ohyama, Inc., a global manufacturer of household products and consumables, recently donated 6.15 million face masks to communities around the globe in an effort to help slow the spread of COVID-19. IRIS USA, a subsidiary of IRIS OHYAMA Group, contributed 1.58 million of these masks directly to communities across Indonesia and Malaysia. 

As a company, IRIS has a fifteen-year long history of manufacturing high-quality face masks. In total, they’ve distributed over 4.8 billion since they began producing face masks in 2007. To this day, they are one of the major suppliers of face masks to the government of Japan and have a manufacturing facility in Wisconsin that’s capable of manufacturing over 100 million disposable 3-ply face masks per month. 

Since IRIS is also a leading manufacturer of other household goods – including plastic storage containers, pet products, personal fans, and other small appliances – they have the strong, stable supply chains and partnerships necessary to address the rising demand for high-quality face masks around the globe. For instance, for this donation of 6.15 million masks – IRIS partnered with AYS Group, a leading distributor of steel and construction materials in Malaysia, to supply 806,000 masks to local hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, orphanages, charity organizations, and educational institutions across the region. They also worked closely with Ace Hardware, the world's largest hardware retail cooperative, to provide masks to 55 local governments in Indonesia. 

“We are all members of a larger global community,” states Akihiro Ohyama, the President of IRIS OHYAMA. “No matter where you live, following health and safety protocols is critical in our continued fight against the coronavirus pandemic – and masks are a large part of how we do that. At IRIS, we’re honored to do our part to support others around the globe and minimize the spread of the COVID-19.”

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